Mainly in bearings three makes of cage are mainly used:

a. Pressed Steel Cage

b. Solid Brass cage

c. Poly-amide resin cage

And designs of the cage are different for different make cage.

The strength of the cage goes this way:


Cost wise the cage goes this way:


If we see every type has its own characteristics and own advantages.

Steel Cage- This type of cage is used in applications where load is very high with high temperature (up to 150 deg), mainly in harsh conditions. Examples are- roll mills, crusher etc. But once the cage gets deformed or cracked , cant be used again.

Brass Cage- This type of cage has the ability to absorb shocks. Since brass is soft, it has got a self lubricating property. Secondly brass has a unique property of self adjusting. But just because of its high cost and less knowledge about its property among the users, it is losing popularity and hence the manufacturers are going with steel cage. In today’s market brass cage is almost vanished. in leading bearing manufacturers only FAG still makes brass cage.

Polyamide Cage- This is the most light weight cage among all cages. This cage is used in light applications, where temperature as well as load is low. As the cage material makes the bearing light in weight, the bearing can rotate in high rpm applications. These bearings are mainly used in water applications like pumps.