The steel ball slide is basically a two-section, three-section metal slide rail. The more common structure is mounted on the side of the drawer, which is simple to install and saves space. The good quality steel ball slide rails ensure smooth sliding and large bearing capacity. This kind of slide rails can have the function of buffering off or pressing and rebounding. In modern furniture, steel ball slides are gradually replacing roller-type slide rails, becoming the main force of modern furniture slides.

Inside the slide rails that are invisible to the naked eye, it is its bearing structure, which is directly related to its load-bearing capacity. At present, there are steel ball slides, roller slides and silicon wheel slides on the market. The former automatically removes dust and dirt on the slide rails by rolling the steel balls, thereby ensuring that the slide rails are clean and does not affect the sliding function due to the dirt entering the interior. At the same time, the steel ball can spread the force around, ensuring the stability of the drawer horizontally and vertically. The debris generated by the silicon wheel slide rail during long-term use and friction is snow-like, and can be brought up by rolling, which also does not affect the sliding of the drawer.