Hybrid bearings’ ceramic rolling elements increase machine reliability via current insulation and high wear resistance

As an alternative to ceramic inner and outer ring coated rolling bearings, FAG offers hybrid bearings that have ceramic rolling elements and rings made from rolling-bearing steel.

You should consider hybrid deep groove ball bearings if your operations could benefit from a bearing with current insulation, high wear resistance, lower friction and temperatures at high speeds, a longer grease life and a lower total cost of ownership.

Zero Current Passage

When does it make the most sense to swap steel for ceramic? When electrical currents are present. In electrical applications like motors, AC Drives, and generators, ceramic rolling elements act as electrical insulation, which prevents bearing fluting from occurring. Such insulation is especially important with the use of variable frequency drives.

Maximize Productivity

The surface finish of the ceramic rolling elements prevents micro welding, ultimately reducing friction. Less friction results in considerably lower vibrations, operating temperatures and drive power—even at high speeds. Lower inertia forces make it possible to achieve up to 30% higher accelerations and speeds compared to a conventional bearing.

Double the Grease Life

Additionally, the dissimilar materials. as opposed to steel-on-steel, mitigates lubrication issues, resulting in higher wear resistance and producing significantly less wear under slippage.

When your machine runs lighter, cooler and lense dense, there is less stress on the grease, which can ultimately double your grease life.