Environmental Philosophy

Environmental burden of business activities and products throughout their life-cycle in order to conserve the global environment for future generations and realize a sustainable society.

Based on our corporate philosophy, in promoting environmental conservation activities autonomously and proactively in accordance with our management strategy, including internal as well as external issues.

1.Continuously improve our environmental management system to improve environmental performance.

2.Comply with all requirements of environmental laws, regulations, treaties, agreements, and other matters related to our business activities. Promote harmony with the local environment, work to conserve, maintain and improve the environment conservation, and strive to prevent environmental pollution.

3.Conduct environmental management activities centered on the lifecycle of our products, and purse the following:

(1) Develop and design environmentally friendly products

(2) Procure raw materials with low environmental burden, and control/reduce CO2 emissions, waste and chemicals at every manufacturing stage

4.Conservation of biodiversity in consideration of the conditions surrounding each of our business locations, and establishment of a society in harmony with nature through the preservation of the ecosystem.